Major Types of Family Law Cases and Details of Each

Family law is a specialized sector of law that deals with domestic or family matters and possible disputes. The terms of family law are largely different compared to criminal and civil laws. A skilled family lawyer will possess a detailed understanding of the rules and how they work to represent a client in the family court and get a favorable ruling on family cases. Let’s explore the most basic types of family laws.

1. Divorce law

When either or both of the couples want to dissolve the marriage, divorce law comes into action. There are various modes of filing a divorce case. They have to agree on the assets and debts. If there are kids, then the custody has to be decided upon. Family law helps to define the rules related to the distribution of assets, custody of children, and support in a smooth divorce settlement.

2. Adoption

A family lawyer becomes handy while handling various regulations related to adoption. The rules are made in the best interest of the adopted child. An individual or a couple who wants to adopt a child should comply with these rules to make it legal.

3. Legal protection

In cases of domestic violence, the victims who pose a threat to their lives and wealth may file a case in court to get a restraining order to ensure safety. Under family law, such a restraining order will restrict the contact of the aggravator with the aggrieved.

4. Custody of children

Custody of the child is a crucial issue in case of divorce. Suppose the couple doesn’t agree on this. In that case, the court may intervene and decide the custody by taking care of the child’s needs, the financial situation of the parents, the physical and mental health of the parents, etc., to make the most appropriate decision in the child’s interest.

These are the major types of cases to be addressed in family courts. An expert family lawyer will be able to help you if your legal requirement lies in the above categories.

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