31 October blog post ideas for fun fall inspiration (2023)

If you are like me, then October is your favorite month. There’s more than pumpkin spice to enjoy in October. Your readers will be interested in all the things they can do. For your fall 2023 content inspiration, I have shared popular blog post ideas from October.

In North America, Halloween is an important event at the end of October. The Canadian Thanksgiving is held in the first part of October.

There are so many activities to enjoy with the harvest, food, cooler temperatures, and outdoor adventures.

Your readers are looking for new ideas and tips for fall activities.

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October Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Blogs

This list was created by brainstorming all the popular activities and key holidays in October. You can change some of the topics so that they fit your blog niche.

How to make a pumpkin pie

A roundup of pumpkin pie recipes (pick a food type – e.g., desserts, savory dishes, etc.)

Comfort food recipes to warm you on chilly October Days

Warming fall cocktail ideas

How to make Mulled Wine

Make your own scary Halloween cocktails at home

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You can also find a list of issues for evergreen lifestyle blogs.

Use best practices for on-page SEO, and always create great posts keeping your reader in mind.

It’s more important than ever to put your readers first and SEO second. Start with content that readers will enjoy!

Schedule your blog promotion during the busy October

October can be a very busy month! Schedule your blog posts for October automatically with scheduling tools.

Other tools include smarter queue or tailwind (for Instagram or Pinterest). There are also Soon, and you can use Meta Business’s free scheduling tools for your Instagram and Facebook posts. Canva Pro is also a good scheduler.

You can enjoy the month of October by scheduling your content and posts.

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Remember to post your holiday posts as early as October so that they have enough time to be indexed by Google and Pinterest.

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