The Secret to Designing Pinterest Pins that Get Clicks

How to design Pinterest pins is a key skill that almost all bloggers should have. It is more important to learn how to create Pinterest pins that drive traffic to your blog!

Pinterest established the best practices for pin design in 2020. The site also revealed to content creators, including bloggers, how its algorithm prioritizes and ranks the pins on the site.

These rules will continue to be in place until 2024.

It would be best if you created Pinterest pins that are attractive, clickable, and, most importantly, of interest to Pinterest users.

The Pinterest algorithm also requires that they be optimized!

Many Pinterest users have found the changes difficult, particularly when it comes time to design a Pinterest Pin that will drive traffic. When you step back and look at the big picture, it makes sense.

Tailwind Improvements That Address the Pinterest Changes and Make Your Pinning Activities According to Best Practices

You’ll learn about these changes, and I will give you some tips to help you keep your pins looking awesome!

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Is Pinterest still worth it in 2024?

We’ll start by answering the question that many people have today: Is Pinterest still worth it these days?

It’s time to start a Pinterest Business Account on your blog if you don’t already have one!

Pinterest may be teetering on the edge of becoming a social platform, but it is still a visual search tool.

Pinterest’s algorithm began to show some love for content creators like bloggers in early 2023.

My blogging blog, which is not as popular on Pinterest, has seen a surge.

Blogs that cover big niches like fashion, food, fitness, and home decor get a lot of traffic.

Make Pinterest your main promotional channel.

A Pinterest Business account is essential as it provides you with important analytics.

You will eventually see some of your Pinterest pins appearing in searches if you continue to produce them. Some of your Pinterest pins will subsequently appear in search results!

What’s new in Pinterest for 2024?

Pinterest is trying to make people stay on the platform longer.

You’ll be seeing more static pins, even though Pinterest Idea Pins will still be floating around.

Video pins can be hit or miss. My static pins sometimes perform better than video pins.

Pinterest has some best practices for pinning.

These include tips on how to design the best Pinterest pins. They also cover the frequency of pinning, the relevance of the location you are pinning from, and the use of Pinterest keywords.

Pinterest Strategy 2024: What to Focus on?

Pinterest Emphasizes Fresh In 2024

It is expected that you will continue to produce new pins for your blog posts rather than reprinting old ones on every group board.

What does it mean? This means that it’s not acceptable to replace the image with the same font.

You need to update the font and image so that the pin looks new.

Pinterest will also index newer content more often, such as blog posts or pins, than older content.

For Pinterest, Less Is More

Spamming the same “new pin” to all your boards and groups can now get your account banned.

The best way to pin is to pin only once on one board and then move to another.

I’ll create between 3 and 5 pins to promote a particular blog post. Then, I’ll pin them to the boards that are relevant to that blog (there may be more than one board for that topic) over several weeks.

I go back to it a few months later and add a new batch of pins.

It is recommended that you schedule pins using Tailwind. I would not use more than one pinboard.

Relevancy Is Key On Pinterest

Pin your pins to your board, which is keyword-optimized and RELEVANT. This is picked up by the algorithm, which can then better categorize pins using keywords.

It’s very important to optimize your Pinterest boards and pins (the description) for search engines.

We’ll go into more detail on these suggestions and show you how to dominate your Pinterest game by 2024 with beautiful Pinterest pins.

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Create click-worthy Pinterest pins with this simple design.

I wrote about this in a post on my top three Pinterest strategies.

You need to know how to design Pinterest pins with attractive visuals and text.

Pinterest is a fan of new, high-quality content. Pinterest users are also a big fan of new content.

The key word is “new”. When I changed from free stock images to premium stock images, my pins saw an increase in visibility and clicks on my blog.

New pins are needed to promote existing posts, pages, and products. What does it take to design a Pinterest pin that is successful?






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