Canvas’s ten fresh Pinterest templates will help you create beautiful pins quickly.

It can take a lot of time to create Pinterest pins. You’re probably nodding your heads in agreement. You can use these 10 Pinterest templates that I made for Canva.

I understand that creating Pinterest Pins can be a pain, especially if you start from scratch. Here are my favorite free Pinterest pins templates that I want to share with you.

Update to video pins: Do you want more Pinterest templates for Canva? Become a productive Pinner.

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The key to Pinterest’s success is great content.

Success on Pinterest can be achieved by experimenting with new pin designs and fonts, sizes, and styles to see what people respond to.

You NEED to create content that appeals to a wide audience.

You’re not likely to see a big increase in traffic if you write a post about ants’ sugar-eating habits.

Always create content you know will drive traffic to your website.

Next, you need to create interesting pin titles.

What will the reader learn, and how can they benefit?

For example, “Five Ways to Design Amazing Pinterest Pins that Get Clicks.”

Address the part of your article that will get you clicks. This is their biggest problem!

Never clickbait, then “bait-and-switch” to provide information on a totally different topic.

Pinterest users have complained about “false advertisement,” and I’ve seen similar pins on Pinterest. Your Pinterest following will suffer.

Create Pinterest Pins that Look Attractive

You’ve created great content and want to promote it on Pinterest.

The next step would be to create pins that are attractive and entice people to click.

Consider these things when using Pinterest templates that are free:

Use images that are appropriate to your content

Ensure that your fonts can be easily read. Avoid placing the text at the top, the bottom, or the edges of your pin image.

Text overlays can be used to attract clicks by telling the Pinterest user exactly what they should expect.

If you want to use attractive images but don’t have any original photos, you might consider buying stock photos. These photos are less popular than free photos. It can look more unique and generate interest.

Styled Stock Society (my favorite), PixiStock, and IvoryMix are some of my favorite blogs for women.

Return to those Free Pinterest Templates

These are some of the pins that I have created using these Pinterest templates.

I modified them to fit my theme. You can do it too!

In less than 30 minutes, I created ten pins to go with a blog post. It usually takes me several hours.

This is a simple trick that I use to keep pins fresh for several weeks.

List 10 different titles for your pins.

Use a Pinterest template set of 10 pins to design all the images for ONE blog. Use the ten titles of your pins.

Save the pins in a folder with the name of the blog you’re using.

Save the pins that you have created in Canva on your computer.

Make a new folder and call it “Already Pinned.” You can then easily track which pins you have already pinned from the batch of pins you created.

Pin something new every week! If you’d like to schedule your pins in advance, use Tailwind or Later.

You’re done! Organize your pins and have them ready when you need to use them.

These FREE Pinterest templates will help you create beautiful new Pinterest pins faster in Canva.

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Update Into Video Pins

You can convert these Pinterest pins into video pins using my free Pinterest template pack.

Save the video as a.MP4 file or GIF.

Need more Pinterest Pin templates for Canva?

You can modify and use several other Pinterest template packages if my ten free Pinterest templates aren’t sufficient.

These pins can be customized quickly and easily, saving you the time of designing your own. Imagine how much time it would take to create one pin from scratch if you spent less than $.20 per template!

Shop Confident Blogger for more Pinterest templates.

It’s okay to use my Pinterest templates if you started your side hustle business as a Pinterest virtual Assistant.

If you want to use pin templates that are paid for by a client, then they must first purchase them. It’s the right thing to do, as they won’t be violating copyright or terms and conditions.

How To Become a Productive Pinner

Time is valuable. Bloggers who are trying to grow their sites know that time is precious.

Keep your blog in order with key productivity tips. You can use these tips to become a more productive pinner and make the most of your time.

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