Tailwind for Pinterest Review: Scheduling to Save Time and Boost Traffic

You’ve probably come across Tailwind Pinterest if you are a blogger or a small business owner. You may have even used Tailwind for Pinterest in the past. This updated Tailwind for Pinterest Review is a result of the many changes that have occurred since its early days.

Tailwind can be used for platforms other than Pinterest. It also helps with Instagram and Facebook pages. In this review, however, we will focus on Pinterest.

Tailwind is a great alternative to Pinterest’s scheduler. It has some unique features that will be helpful for new bloggers.

This Tailwind review will explain why it is a great tool for new bloggers who are learning about Pinterest and who want to create lots of content.

You’ll learn how to schedule Pinterest pins…and Instagram posts as well!

Tailwind has helped me grow my lifestyle blog, and I am sure it will be a great help to you as well.

We’ll dive into the details of this Tailwind review to see how you can jumpstart your blog traffic.

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What is Tailwind for Pinterest?

Tailwind is a powerful tool for scheduling social media posts and pins. It’s aimed at bloggers and small business owners. It accelerates your Pinterest pinning process, as well as your social media posting on Facebook and Instagram.

Pinterest automates the posting of your content based on a schedule. This schedule is based upon an intuitive algorithm that pins when your audience is most likely to interact with your material.

It is a tool that helps you to get your content in the hands of your audience cost-effectively and efficiently.

It offers a limited number of pins for free to try it out. This is just a small taste of the possibilities!

The features that we will discuss in greater detail later in this article make it easy to schedule and create Pinterest pins.

Tailwind offers a variety of tools that will help you to increase your blog and pinning marketing efforts.

Who Will Benefit Most From Tailwind Scheduling Tool?

Tailwind offers the most benefits to new bloggers and business owners looking to grow their Pinterest accounts and social media profiles quickly.

Tailwind for Pinterest is the key tool that helps me schedule my pins in advance so that I can live a life outside of my iPhone and computer.

Use AI copywriting tools to create pin titles and descriptions faster.

It’s easy to see what works and what doesn’t.

Tailwind is a Pinterest tool that’s invaluable for many reasons.

It increases the visibility of pins on blog posts and the likelihood of someone clicking them. It’s more likely that someone will follow you if they like the pins you are pinning.

Tailwind Communities reveals my pins to a new audience

Tailwind prevents you from pinning too frequently at an interval that is too short if you decide to repin your pin.

When I first started using Tailwind, it helped boost my blog traffic from Pinterest pins by more than 1,000%!

It is the main reason I changed from being a skeptic into a fan. It made it easier to use Pinterest for my blog.

My Pinterest marketing strategy now includes the following.

Since then, Tailwind has perfected a number of new features. This is why I highly recommend Tailwind to beginner bloggers who are looking to maximize their content creation and promotion time.

Tailwind is more than just a scheduling tool

Tailwind is not just one of the top Pinterest tools for scheduling pins.

Some of its best features include:

Tailwind Create is a tool for quickly creating Pinterest pins.

Pin scheduler: This tool allows you to plan Pinterest pins ahead of time.

Ghostwriter: Use it to generate pin titles, descriptions, and fast

Use Tailwind’s SmartSchedule tool to schedule your videos at the best times for your audience

Communities: allows others to discover and repin your pins (great for bloggers who are trying to generate activity on their Pinterest account).

Insights: gives you an in-depth report of your board analytics and pins

Tailwind Copilot can create a tailored content marketing plan. You can enhance the guide by adding your plans and insights.

Tailwind can also be used for A/B tests to identify which pins have the most engagement and are likely to go viral.

These tools will help you identify which Pinterest keywords and designs are driving traffic and clicks.

Tailwind is a powerful tool, and it’s worth spending time learning more about it. You may find it overwhelming to begin with, but once you figure out how everything works, you’ll see amazing results.

Let’s look at the details, and you’ll understand why I’ve gone from a skeptic into a fan. Tailwind offers so many benefits to bloggers and small business owners that I think it’s worth the investment.

Are you ready to follow along and try it as you read this interview?

What is Tailwind?

Signing up for Tailwind for Pinterest is as simple as linking your account. Tailwind analyzes your Pinterest profile and creates a smart schedule to help you plan pins.

You can schedule 20 pins per month with the free account. That’s not a lot, especially if you want to post one pin a day.

Upgrade to the Pro Tailwind account to get 100 posts per month. It’s much easier to stay consistent.

The Key Steps in Scheduling Pins with Tailwind

In this Tailwind for Pinterest Review, I will share with you some of the features and how it works.

It’s a good idea to set up your account, even if it is a free one, to get accustomed to how everything works.

How to Schedule pins for Tailwind

Pins that are consistently made can help you boost your Pinterest profile and generate more visibility.

How do you schedule Tailwind pins daily?

Tailwind is a scheduler that allows the design of beautiful pins.

Prepare a batch of Pinterest pins before using Tailwind to schedule Pinterest.

You can use these pins to promote new or older blog posts.

Before you begin scheduling and pinning with Tailwind, here are a few key tips:

Use the Tailwind browser extension to pin directly from your blog post. You can add new Pinterest images to your post and schedule them.

Upload your designs to Tailwind and schedule them.

There are two ways to pin, and we will explore them both in more detail.

Schedule Tailwind from Your Website

Use the Tailwind browser extension to select which pins you wish to pin on Pinterest.

This extension adds the little Tailwind icon to images that can be pinned. Clicking on it will place the image into your Draft folder.

Click on the board that you wish to pin. Pin to the most the board.

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